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Custom book-printing services

We partner with printers in the UK and around the world. We offer authors the option to print one book or thousands at competitive prices.

For print-on-demand books, your customer pays for the printing and fulfilment in the retail price at the point of sale. At Tellwell, we are transparent about the print-on-demand cost so you can choose your suggested retail price more thoughtfully. We do not lock authors into contracts with high printing costs that force them to price their book too high.

If you prefer to print your book in bulk elsewhere, no problem! We will provide you with the print-ready files you need to do so. You own 100% of your project with us.

Many assisted self-publishing companies do not offer this level of transparency or flexibility.

What is print-on-demand?

It allows you to distribute to readers without having to print, buy, and store a large quantity of books. This option is designed to give self-publishers the best value per book, with the final cost influenced by factors ranging from page count to printing specifications and trim size.

Custom printing options

Our established relationships with printers around the globe allow us to support the vision you have for your finished product. Whether you want your book to have a dust jacket or foil stamping, or you would like a children’s manuscript printed as a board book, we have recommendations for every preference. When you work with Tellwell, you own the complete rights to your works. If we don’t have a printing solution you are satisfied with, you are able to take your print-ready files to a printer of your preference.