Audiobooks | Tellwell Publishing

Tellwell is proud to offer the option of publishing in audiobook format. A dedicated project manager will guide you through production and publication. You choose your narrator and review your audio files before publication. Your audiobook will be available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

How it works

  •   From CAD $1,025 for audiobooks under 30,000 words
  •   CAD $0.034 per word for audiobooks above 30,000 words
  •   Published for a minimum of seven years
  •   Audiobooks are priced by online retailers, not the author
  •   Only available for professionally edited manuscripts

Extend your accessibility

  •   Choose one narrator from a range of professional samples. We provide a minimum of three unique audio samples. You have the freedom to cancel if rejecting samples (CAD $150 admin fee applies).
  •   Dedicated support throughout production. Your project manager will provide you with all the information and guidance you’ll need.
  •   Proof audio files and request revisions if needed prior to publication.
  •   Select from two distribution models: exclusive to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes, or non-exclusive. Exclusive distribution will return 40% of total sales, 25% for non-exclusive. We provide 85% or 100% of royalties, depending on your distribution needs.
  •   Exclusive distribution comes with 25 free promo codes for friends, family, and influencers to download your audiobook on Audible.
  • Audiobook publishing

    Audiobooks are the fastest growing sector in publishing, showing approximately 50% yearly growth in North America. Audiobooks are expanding the book market into the digital space occupied by eBooks. We can take you into any area of the publishing landscape you wish to go!